About us

Welcome to the Amazon Inspection and Services!

We are an organization located in northern Brazil specialized in cargo inspection and technical support to shippers, owners and charterers.

Combining technology, security and speed of service, through our independent laboratories, we ensure the issuing certificates with high quality and credibility in the marine sector.

Our services include solutions for on-hire/off-hire surveys, bunker and conditional surveys, draft surveys, hold inspection, damage surveys, stockpile inventory measurement, chemical analysis, FMP (Flow Moisture Point) Test, TML (Total Moisture Limit), densities and other tests.

We are located in the state of Amapá, Amazonas River, near Santana Port, and Fazendinha Pilot Station.  At Bahia we have support points in Salvador, Ilhéus and Aratu Port, at Pará we have assistants in Belém, Vila do Conde, Icoaraci (Outeiro), Santarém, Porto Trombetas and Munguba Port. At Maranhão we provide support teams in São Luís.

You can always count on us to the best and most efficient inspection and service delivery.


We guarantee the best quality service, safely to ports north to south of the country.


On-hire/Off-hire surveys
Bunker & Conditional surveys
Draft survey
Cargo Hold Inspections
Damage surveys
Container Inspections
Hold Sealing
Hose Test


Master assistance
Pre-loading cargo condition
Samplings (ISO, IMSBC Code, FOSFA)
Loss prevention
Inspection of mineral and agricultural products
Weighing supervision
Visual inspections
Loading and Unloading supervision


FMP Test (Flow Moisture Point)
TML (Total Moisture Limit)
Moisture Determination (Infra-red lamp and Oven)
Can test
Particle size test (Size distribution test)
Densities analysis
Angle of repose test
Chemical and Physical analysis
(Under prior consultation)


Check here who are our customers. We would be happy to include your company in this list.

Anglo Ferrous Amapá Mineração Ltda
Oldendorff Carriers Gmbh & Co. KG.
Williams Brothers P & I correspondent
MRN Mineração Rio do Norte
Brookes Bell Marine, Scientific & Tecnical
Consultants & Suveyors
Gerdau Açominas S/A.
Brazshipping Maritima - LBH
Macapá Shipping logística
Oceanus Shipping Agency
GMS - General Maritime and Services
Brazil P & I correspondent
Bureau Veritas do Brasil

Bianca Marine Company
North of England P&I Association
Trafigura PTE. LTD
Unamgen Mineração e Metalúrgia S.A.
Zamapá Mineração S/A
Venepandi CA
Wilson Sons Agencia Marítima Ltda
Proide – P&I Club Correspondent
Mineração Amapari S/A
Gard P & I Club
United Kingdon P&I Club
Steam Ship Mutual Management (Bermuda) Limited
Gerdau Açominas S/A

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+55 96 3281 1201

+55 96 99116-4205

Where we are

R do Delta, 8090 A - Elesbão - Santana City,
Amapá State, Brazil
ZIP CODE 68.925-294